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Mt. Fuji Tour: Tokyo, Japan Day 4

FEBRUARY 17, 2016

Wow! It’s on my Day 4 Tokyo, Japan Adventures! And on this day, I’m going to see Mount FUJI! I’ve been waiting to see that.


Morning View at Shinjuku. Busy People!


SUBARU Tower 😀


Mt. FUJI , Gotemba Premium Outlet Tour


Found the Yakult Office! :O 😛


Mount FUJI, I can see ya! :3


LEXUS, You we’re born here!



At Last! I made it at Mount Fuji! Wow you’re beautiful! Absolutely Breathtaking!!! :3 Kulang na lang Sakura!


One on One with Mt. Fuji!


Other Filters from Lumia. Awesome!


To Be Continued…





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My Tokyo Day Tour Ends. It was a very tiring day! But I’m really happy with that experience and it was all worth it! I have now a glimpse of Tokyo, my dream City in Asia. :3 Now, it’s time to explore the Night Life! 😀  This City has immensely lots to offer! I don’t know where to start! >.<

First, I planned to go to Shibuya, from Main Tokyo Station. But, I have to connect to Internet to message my friend living in Tokyo to meet me up. :/ (well I don’t want extra budget for the WiFi) so decided to go back to my Hostel at Akihabara, plus I need some rest, I’m very tired. :/ and It’s Rush Hour! Unlike our MRT3, JR Line is the most reliable in the world. I can’t even feel the rush hour. It’s just too many people around. 😀


Gosh! Still Hard and Complicated to Understand. Thanks to the App Installed on my phone by JR Line, that helps.


Hello Shinkansen! ❤ Waaaaah! I’m just happy to see you. :3


Tokyo’s Rush Hour!


I’m at Akihabara, Akiba, Japan





The Video Game Capital of the World! :V




AKB48 Cafe & Shop , Kawaii! 😀

DSCN3351.JPGStrolled at Gundam Cafe


Electronics & Gadgets Capital of Japan, Akihabara!

DSCN3362.JPGStar Wars!


Strolling Akihabara Streets


:/ of course, JAV! ❤ 😛


Since I missed the Train Museum at Nagoya, 😀


PlayStation Capital of the World!!! :3 Awesome SONY!


I saw a Doraemon! :V


DBZ + One Piece!


Detective Conan


Sailor Moon! Crushes! 😛


More Doraemon!


Nintendo’s Super Mario. of course! 😀



London Bus in Japan! 😀


After seeing the Video Game Capital of the World, Akihabara, I transferred to Shinjuku because I found a Capsule Hostel there that is much cheaper than other hostels of Tokyo. Note that Hostels are quite expensive everywhere near Tokyo. :/ Well, I’m very tired But I must find it, thankfully, that Hostel is very near to the Shinjuku Train Station  and saved on my Google Maps, offline. (y)


Strolling ShinjukuP_20160216_221132.jpg

Shinjuku at Night



Mazda RX-8 on Tokyo Streets. Now that’s Pure JDM!!! :V


It’s been a very very long day for me. I have to rest. Here’s the view of my cute very small Capsule at Hostel. :p. Ultimate Backpacking JAPAN! haha!

Getting ready for my Japan Adventures, Day 4! I thank the Lord for this awesome day, it was Magical! I can’t believe I’ve done it. A dream to reality! I am grateful! :”D






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Tokyo Adventures, starts!

FEBRUARY 15, 2016 – 7PM

After 4 hours ride from Nagoya, I finally arrived at Tokyo. I am nervous, I don’t know where I’m going. One of the mistake on this trip, I did not save the location where I am going to. I forgot to save my Hostel on Tokyo. I don’t have internet connection. My life saver now depends on the printed Itineraries I made. Thankfully the address was there. The Hostel was at Akihabara Station, somewhere around there . It was really a struggle to know where I am, which directions should I take plus, the language barrier, when I ask someone Japanese. Absolute struggle. Thankfully, I manage to speak at the one of the Officer in the station and points out my Exit at the Station, and where to walk, and Thankfully, the street is near the station. But the Hostel is far, a 10 minutes walk to and from the station. I am very tired, and I haven’t ate yet on that very day! Just a Full Heavy Breakfast on Morning!


I walk on that street, passed many intersections, and finally, found it! Checked-In immediately, leave my things, and go to bed. Rest. Very exhausting!


Porsche Boxster S in Red at the Streets of Tokyo

Where to Stay:

I stayed at Akihabara Grids Hostel , they offer affordable capsules per night. It was exceptional.



Around 8:30PM,  I get up for a while to explore a little around the area, turns out to be nothing in the area, because the center is at Akihabara, which is minutes walk from the Hostel. Well, I’m just too tired. I stayed at the dining area of the Hostel,to eat my little BurgerMcDo came from here, for my dinner. Haha, super budget indeed.


Meeting new friends at Hostel. Can’t remember her name, Russian Gal, just exploring Tokyo too. 😀



Ohhh my gosh! I didn’t expect to see Rio Uchida here on Japan Television!  She is my Ultimate Japanese Crush!

After that, Called it a day, Rest early, because that next day, My True Tokyo Adventure will commence! 😀 Very excited for that!

FEBRUARY 16, 2016 – 5am


Good Morning, Tokyo! Getting ready for my adventure!


Akihabara Streets


I am now heading to Tokyo, the Main Station.




While waiting for my Bus, Tokyo City Tour! 😀 7:30AM


Marunochi South Exit Gate


Tokyo Streets


The Filipino Couple I’ve met. But we are on separate tours.  😦 Enjoy your Honeymoon! 😉 I’m still alone. Lungkot. 😄


First Stop: Tokyo TV Tower. 9AM



Historical Base Ball found at the Construction of Tokyo TV Tower, incredible!



TV Tower, Tokyo Skyline, Tokyo Bay


Enjoyed inside Tokyo TV Tower


Tokyo TV Tower

Next Stop, 9:30 AM,

Japanese Tea House Ceremony. Experiencing authentic Japanese culture


Beautiful Japanese Garden


Japanese Tea Master





Arigatou Goizamasu Tea Masters at Happo-En! 😀


Strolling Japanese Garden in the Middle of this City. If there’s only Sakuras Hanami, Even more beautiful!




There are some Cherry Blossoms! 😀

Next Stop: Japanese Buffet Lunch! 1130PM


Just for the record, I was here! 😀



Ridiculously Grand Hotel That I can’t afford!



Beautiful Japanese Garden of the Hotel! ❤



Eating with Anthony-san! My new friend from Google Finance! Nice meeting ya!


Finest Japanese Steak cooked right in front of you!


Here’s for lunch! and Unlimited Japanese Rice! It was superbly delicious! I would love to do this again! :V


For the Dessert. MOCHIEEEEE! 😀










One of the Highlight of my trip. To see Cherry Blossoms!



Pagoda in Japanese Garden



Next Stop: Japanese Imperial Palace 2PM


I can feel the ‘Last Samurai’ Film by Tom Cruise!



This Bike and Touristy Japanese Imperial Palace



I just see this on Cebu Pacific’s Seat Sale to Tokyo, and what Tokyo (Took me) sooo looooong to Get here! Unbelievable. I’m now here!


Tokyo City Center Business District 🙂


Last View of Imperial Palace! Where the Emperor lives.


Metro Tokyo


Next Stop: Tokyo River Cruise!


To see more the beautiful city of Tokyo. Take a river cruise. It is amazing!


The only Japanese Flag I’ve seen on my trip. It should have! :))


Met some tourist too. From Europe 🙂


and here’s our Tour Guide. Yumi-chan! Arigatou Goizamasu!


Shinkansen Bullet Train Inspired, Ship 😀 Awesome Japan!


Then, I saw the BanDai HQ! WoW!!!


Arrived at Asakusa, via Sumida River, overlooking Asahi Beer Tower and the magnificent Tokyo SkyTree ❤


I Love this view! :3




Tokyo Mini Bus! 😄 Kawaiii!




The Market at Asakusa Temple




I’ve found Mr. Akihabara again, my new friend from Malaysia with her Sisters. We were both figuring out how to get to Akihabara then I met him, then we met again here at Asakusa! Small World indeed! Nice Meeting you!


Continue Strolling Asakusa with Busy Market!


I can see the Moon! 😀


Japanese Kimono Girls at Asakusa! ❤




Detective Conan (Metantei Conan) Doll. My Fav Anime! I Love Conan-kun! :3


A view of Tokyo SkyTree from Asakusa Temple! I’ll go here someday!


Asakusa, Sensoji Temple


Experience their Religion & Culture by doing this.


Pagoda at Asakusa Temple


Going on a Tokyo City Roadtrip again, at GINZA! Here’s a White Ferrari 458 Italia on right! 😛


Seiko Headquarters!


Ends my Tokyo City Day Tour. Back to Tokyo Station, Marunochi South. Thanks for the Awesome Experience, Tokyo! I will be back!

Me and Anthony say goodbye to each other. He took this picture for me.  It was really a huge honor and awesome to meet a man from Google Finance. Thank you Anthony! I wish you the best! 😀


SUMMARY of My Tokyo Day Tour

6:00 AM – Prepare for Tokyo Day Tour, Arrive at Tokyo Station and wait for the Tourist Bus to Arrive

8:00-9:00 AM –  Tour Starts. First Stop, Tokyo TV Tower, View of the Tokyo Skyline, Tokyo  City, Tokyo Bay

9:30 AM – Japanese Tea Ceremony at Happoen Garden. Experience Japanese Culture at its finest.

11:30-1:00 PM – Japanese Lunch Buffet Mokushun-do Restaurant at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Finest Japanese Lunch ever experienced.

2:00 PM – Visit the Japanese Imperial Palace. Historical sites of Japan.

3:00 PM – Sumida River Cruise going to Sensoji Temple, Experience the famous temple at Japan & Nakamise Shopping Street where you can buy pasalubongs and food trip.

4:00-5:00 PM – Sight Seeing at Ginza, the main shopping arcade of Japan

6:00 PM – Tour ends at Tokyo Station. Stroll around Tokyo

END of Day 3 of Japan Adventures 😀

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Shinkansen: My Ultimate Ride of a Lifetime

I still can’t believe I’m doing this. I just thought it was just a drawing, just a dream, but this is coming true in a matter of hours. Before this trip commences, I booked JR Pass Online with the help of my colleague on this trip. She helped me organize everything on this special trip. A Huge thanks to her, Thanks Caroline! Delivered these Tickets to my Hostel. Wow, that’s hassle free! The ticket is a disaster though. Not even one English Given. The Numbers were a big guess to me. Ah! *Bahala na* I’m tired understanding it. 😄

Here’s the Shinkansen Tickets:


I strolled around Nagoya Center on a half day. Nagoya Castle, Nagoya Center, Malls around the Center, Sakae Oasis 21, Nagoya TV Tower, > Back to the Hotel (Meitetsu INN) to get my things,  I must say, My Nagoya Tour isn’t enough, cause I missed Toyota Commemorative Museum & SCMAGLEV and Railway Park which takes 45 Mins away from the City.  Very tight time and I might miss my trip for Shinkansen. So decided to stay at the Station,   Here I am, waited almost hours before my Train arrives. I’m now heading to Tokyo. A 3.5-4 Hours Travel with the speed up to 300KM/H. Unbelievable! :V



The JR Officer gladly helped me to find the station. Arigatou Goizamasu! 😀


Shinkansen Tracks at Nagoya


This is really is it! The first Shinkansen Bullet Train, I’ve ever seen. I was really awed I’m seeing this right before my eyes. It was really cold on that time. But I don’t care on what I feel anymore. I immediately took a selfie on those train that passes by. If only there’s another person taking pictures for me, I might have a good pictures with these Bullet Train. But everyone around there are really busy. *Japanese people are always Busy. >.<

It was incredibly fast. I think 0-60 goes up to 4 Seconds when it departs, then gone. The cars on the Shinkansen we’re surprisingly very long! Around 9 to 10 Cars per Shinkansen. I can’t really wait to experience it. I waited for Shinkansen to arrive. Thanks to the Display Board up there, and it’s English. A Relief for a Tourist. 😀

My First Selfie on a Shinkansen.



That Costs, 11k Pesos, Roundtrip! Nagoya-Tokyo-Nagoya 😐 Yes, that’s expensive! But the ultimate ride of a lifetime!


One of the Shinkansen >


IMG_2512.JPGShinkansen Tracks



look how busy they are! 😄



Getting at the Queue.



The Airplane view at the Cabin of the Shinkansen.


Yeah Bit tired. But what the heck! I’m gonna enjoy this. I’m finally at my seat! 😀


Inside Shinkansen selfie!



Image of Shinkansen, always in my Mind


This is How FAST the Shinkansen :



That Time I saw this Map, my mind blown. I am indeed at Tokyo. The Complicated Train System in the World! :O >.< #DealWithIt. Thank You Shinkansen for bringing me up to Tokyo.

My Tokyo, Japan Adventure Begins!

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Experience Nagoya, Japan

Where to Stay:

I stayed at Nagoya, Meitetsu Nishiki Inn for Overnight. For me, it is expensive but it’s worth it. They offer Free Breakfast, and just like my review on my earlier blog, the accommodation is very nice. Best part is, it is stragically located near a Train SubWay station, 5 Minutes walk from the Inn. 😀




Hisaya-dori Station, 5 minutes walk to the Meitetsu Inn, Near at the Nagoya Castle, Sakae Oasis 21, Nagoya TV Tower, and 2 stations away from Nagoya Main Station. Awesome location! 😀

Day 1, I’m now officially at the Sunrise Land! At first glance, I don’t know what to expect at this place and I don’t know what will happen on this very day. I didn’t even plan my Itineraries well. Haha! I have to check out my Hotel early. I wanted to stay a little longer, because of the accommodation is one of the greatest indeed, but 9AM is the check out time! and I couldn’t afford it. 😦 I just enjoyed the Free Japanese Breakfast! The Japanese Rice was very delicious! I’ve been wanting to taste that! :3


I’m still tired though. But my adventure must go on. I don’t know which will be the first destination. At this point, I only rely on Google Maps . The destination is starred in the maps. So whichever is the nearest one, that will be my destination. The Subway System is complicated, so complicated, I decided to walk by kilometer to see the surroundings and what is it in Nagoya.  Here are the following pictures :


My First Stop, Nagoya Castle , My First ever Castle visited in Japan.




IMG_20160220_124529.jpgSakae Oasis 21

IMG_20160221_193747.jpgNagoya City Center. Disciplined Province!


Japanese Lunch at Nagoya Center










Visited One Piece! Mugiwara Store


A Typical day at Nagoya… ohhh look! Subaru BRZ! :3










Nagoya City Center

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Hi WordPress. I’m back!

It’s been a while. Time to update this again. WOW. I got so many travel stories and I’m very excited to share all of them, publicly. I don’t know where to start. All of my Travel Stories Photos seen on my Facebook & Instagram Accounts. Of course, Blogging it is way different than posting it on Social Networks. Well, I’ll try my best to remember all of that stories for all of you guys. I am very excited! 😀  Stay Tuned!

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My Japan Adventures 2016


Last 2015, I’m planning to go somewhere I never been to.  It’s either Domestic or International. So I listed down the places that’s on my bucketlist. Declaring that I will be on these places with or without someone. Turns out that there are so many places to explore in this beautiful world. I am amazed with my lists because obviously I cannot afford to go to these places. Airfares are insanely expensive to begin with and that’s just the beginning, the next are accommodation, food, pocket money, and so on! But what the hell, #YOLO and it’s an Adventure of a Lifetime! I started now to research Travel Blogs on my Fellow Filipino Bloggers, Vlogs on Youtube and all about the places they’ve explored.


First on my bucketlist is the Sunrise Land, Japan. I decided, wholeheartedly, IT HAS TO BE JAPAN! and the rest of the places here or abroad will follow. But, Japan First! I’ve been dreaming for this country ever since. Inspired by Japanese Anime, Otakus, Sony PlayStation & the rest of the Video Games they’ve created, Electronic Technology Capital of the World, Automotive Capital where awesome supercars created just like the “GODZILLA” Nissan GT-R :V,0 their amazing food and culture, and the lists of description goes on. I just want to be at this spectacular country in Asia.


I’m worried because I have only on a budget to begin with on this trip. Also, what worry me most is the JAPAN VISA and their Requirements. Very hassle. I still high hopes though and Japan is still on my Top No. 1 list. Then, I patiently wait. December of 2015, alas! Cebu Pacific announced Super Seat Sale , Incredibly Low Airfare Deals. I  immediately go to their website to book my ticket. Getting RoundTrip Plane Ticket is challenging and not consistent. Sometimes, the return flight is on Year Round Fare, meaning it is not on sale. My target is that I must keep the Airfare as LOW as Possible and it’s on my preferred date. I tried the 4 Destinations, to Japan (Manila – Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka)  Referring to the post by CEB, only 2 destination to Japan are on sale, Unfortunately, I can’t find Manila-Tokyo or Osaka on super sale and all dates are the same Airfares it’s out of my budget. I have only 2 options left:  That’s either Nagoya or Fukuoka. I researched a bit what’s on Nagoya, and I’m surprised that Toyota Motors Factory &  Shinkansen Train Museum, the amazing Oasis 21 are located there. I’m an Automotive Enthusiast and I love Toyota. My First car is Toyota and I love Trains hehe. So I decided immediately to book to Nagoya. And  CebuPacific, didn’t disappoint. At last! I found a RoundTrip to Japan on my preferred date. Payed and Book the Plane Tickets immediately. And since that booking date, I’ve been praying everyday to fast forward the time to my date of travel to Japan. 😀

Here are the flight details and crazy amount of Airfare, MANILA-NAGOYA-MANILA


Manila-Nagoya Japan.JPG


YEAH! It’s a REAL DEAL! Base Airfare RoundTrip are insanely Low. And why FEBRUARY 14? #SingleBeLike. :p huhu. oh.. well… I’m traveling Japan, alone. 😀 How awesome is that?


My next move, getting a JAPAN VISA. I’m getting nervous on this part because I’m traveling alone and no one to ask for. None of my known friends did this. I’m on my own. Researched for a while. (By the power of Best Friend, Google) and got it. Requirements: well, I’m surprised it’s not that complicated, as long as you process it way before your travel date. Found a Travel Agency that can process Japan Visa accordingly, inquire about the requirements, once you completed it and payed for the amount processing fee, you’re good to go! 😉

Here’s the Agency Accredited by Japanese Embassy : ReliTours Japan Visa Processing Fees

5 Days 4 Nights Backpacking JAPAN

Finally, on Valentines Day, This trip is Happening. I can’t believe it!





Touchdown, Chubu Centrair International Airport , Nagoya Their airport is beautiful, World Class! 😀 Cleared the immigration and ask guide to Nagoya. Their Airport is far from the City Center. I head to the Train Station to the Nagoya Station. BUT I have big problem. Buying Train Ticket was a complete disaster! I don’t know where to start. I ask an assistance from the Train Officer, he can barely speak English. Thanks to Google Maps, I was able to pin point and tell him where is my destination. He thought me how to get a Train Ticket to the Vending machine. For me, still a disaster. There’s no English translation on the machine. The Train Officer helped me pick the destination where I was going and got the ticket.



Despite of this huge problem on ticket and without knowing where was heading plus a bit tired, I just enjoyed the moment I was here finally! And alas, I’m now at the first class train. It was unbelievably amazing! The smoothest train ride ever experienced. In fact, I can’t even hear a single noise from outside. Amazing! Since the ride was so smooth I fell asleep inside the Train. Around 28 Stations from Chubu Airport to Nagoya That’s a long ride! and turns out that this was the biggest mistake on my trip, because I fell asleep, I already missed the Nagoya Station!!!  P_20160214_222742.jpg

Landed up here at nowhere. And the extreme coldness surprised me. Unbelievably Cold! Colder than Baguio I must say. I’ve never been into this kind of temperature before. The HeatTech from Uniqlo that I’m wearing can barely keep me warm. :/ Anyways, I must figure out how to go back to Nagoya Station Center. It was around 10:30PM, getting late, very tired. So I asked a Train Officer at this station, that cannot speak English! But thank God, somehow, he understands me. (Thanks to the Map placed there pin pointing the stations)   This time I realize that the Ticket I got a wrong ticket, heading for the very last station of Nagoya. (I thought that the Train Officer from the Airport understands me) :/  That was a Province and very far from Nagoya center! Shucks! :/ The Train Officer immediately refunded  the correct fare from Chubu to Nagoya Center and said that stay at this platform going back to Nagoya Center. Whewww. What a relief!   Yeah! There’s a refund. I’m thankful God lead me the correct way here. The Train to Nagoya takes time to arrive and that consumes me another time. unfortunately.  P_20160214_231050.jpg

Yeah, deal with this complicated Subways. :/

At last, I Arrived at Nagoya Station. around 11:15 PM. I have to transfer to another Subway Line to my Hotel. I finally GOT IT! P_20160214_232248_BF.jpg

Feeling Eiffel Tower. 😄 Nagoya TV Tower P_20160214_232323.jpg

The road and traffic. Amazing! P_20160215_010740.jpg

Meitetsu INN

Google Offline Maps is very helpful locating your destination. 😀 Here’s my Hotel. My Home for Nagoya for just Overnight! Checked-In

P_20160214_233619.jpg WOW. Here’s my room. One of the greatest Hotel ever experienced. WP_20160215_01_27_05_Pro.jpg

The water from the faucet is safe for drinking. How awesome is that!? :O

Even if I’m Tired and extreme coldness outside, I immediately explored what’s outside my place. Well… turns out to be the “Red Light District” of Nagoya. I wasn’t expecting that. haha! I walked around the area and just amazed on what I saw. Amazing place. >.<


Purest Nissan 350 Z on Japan. Awesome!


Then, I’m very tired so called it a Night. It’s actually 12AM! GoodNight Nagoya!

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Hello again, WordPress!

Wow! It’s been a while since I visit my WordPress account and visiting my Dashboard! Well.. I’ll try my best to update my wordpress account frequently. Time to do some stuffs here, Like Tech Blogs, Retail Blogs, ITETHIC / VERTSOL (owww… hahaha) well that’s all for now .

You may visit my Facebook page: > for some updates!

Thanks everyone! 🙂


Book Review: Chapter 1: The Market at the Bottom of the Pyramid


Book: The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid


Author: C.K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart


Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference: BottomPyramid/dp/B00006L5AW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1232066330&sr=1-2




“What is needed is a better approach to help the poor, an approach that involves partnering with them to innovate and achieve sustainable win-win scenarios.”


I chose this statement simply because it discusses and focuses on helping out the unfortunate people. In this earth we live, we are community and since we are a community, our mission is to help other people. The concept of solidarity is the main topic of this particular quote. We must do something that is good for others.


Learning Expectations


  • To know basically the concept of market at the bottom of the pyramid?
  • What this is all about?
  • Understanding how it works for the market or industry
  • To relate it to “Markets are conversations”





This first chapter entitled The Market at the Bottom of the Pyramid. At first glance, we have no idea on how to understand this particular topic simply because; the word is not that understandable. So, the solution to this in order to understand this topic very well, we will discuss it word by word. Let’s start in the word “Market”. Just like our Vertical Solutions class, the main topics for that subject are markets and of course, all VERTSOL students know about market. The first thesis entitled, “Market’s are conversation”. Yes, markets are conversations knowing the fact that markets are now literally talking and knowing also the fact that people is the very vital part of the market. If there are no people who will be working for the market, obviously no there’s no market. The second word is the word “Bottom”. It means that it is the lowest part of something that may never reach. The farthest point particularly in the pyramid because it is the topic for this particular chapter.


For the word pyramid, it is a triangular shaped object. Usually found on Egypt as we all know. Anyway, Pyramid is just a representation of statistic to further understand the meaning of this particular chapter. Now we all know the meaning of each word, the number 1 question is that, what is this for. What are the purpose of this concept or theory to the market and the purpose of it for the people and we will learn the purpose of this concept later on as we go on to this chapter.

As stated here on the book, the 21st century number one problem is the poverty; furthermore, disenfranchisement considers the world’s number one problem. This only means that the world is in need of entrepreneurs who will be responsible for the solutions of daunting problems occurring in our world today. This chapter provides basic assumptions for the bottom of the pyramid.

  • First, the poor represent as a “latent market” meaning that these poor people are underlying to active engagement of private enterprises. They don’t have the opportunity to acquire this.


  • Second, the Bottom of the Pyramid provides a new growth and opportunity for private sectors. The previous solutions cannot now create markets in Bottom of the Pyramid. Meaning that these private sectors had enough power to acquire BOP as a market.



  • Third, BOP Markets must become an integral part of work of private sector. That means the most important and the basic part can be conducted by the community. One way of doing this is an CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility.


These are the best guidelines to avoid poverty in our country. Appreciate each of it and these powerful concepts will go back to us and gain more advantage. It is for the betterment of the world. 

What I’ve learned:

As stated on this chapter, the main purpose of this book in overall is to illustrate that the typical pictures of poverty mask the fact that the very poor represent courageous entrepreneurs and value-conscious consumers. This only means that it’s time for the people of the world to know that people are changing and evolving to fight against poverty. The so called “Poverty mask” must be removed in the lives of every individual living here on earth.


I’m very interested in this book because, we can apply our learning in ethical and moral values as well as integrating or combining the concept of vertical solutions particularly the market towards the fight against the poverty. Technology and Ethical values are present here. Therefore, as a student, we must learn about these concepts. Thanks to our program because we can combine our ethical values as well as marketing skills and be able to do a fortune at the bottom of the pyramid.

Integrative Questions:

  1. What is the Bottom of the Pyramid?
  2. How does it affect less fortunate people lives?
  3. Can we easily integrate this concept for them?
  4. What are the purposes or what are the advantages of this chapter?
  5. What are the so called “Tiers” for?

Citations: N/A

Book Review: Chapter 2: Products and Services of BOP


Book:  The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid


Author: C.K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart


Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:


Learning Expectations:


  • What are the products and services of BOP
  • To learn the specifics of Products offered by the BOP
  • To learn the specifics of Services offered by the BOP
  • How do people conduct these product and services?
  • The twelve principles of Innovation for Bottom of the Pyramid Markets
  • How does a company or anyone make this part happen?





“Will challenge the dominant logic the beliefs and values of the managers serving the developed markets and have been socialized with”


This quote is very much alike from this particular chapter. It is stated there that the challenge will be a dominant logic. That means the people who are in the authority in a particular position must partake the challenge because they are the only one who can handle beliefs and values. For managers, they are challenged to serve, develop markets and socialize with people.




Since this particular chapter talks about product and services, these matter are considered as part of the business and the process of distributing it to the final consumer or customer is called a market. Again, since market is present here in this chapter, there are many ways now how to market a product and services. Markets are conversation, and as stated from the previous chapter and in Cluetrain Manifesto as part of 95 theses, people plays again the vital role of marketing a product. People are the only key to maximize the potential strength in marketing the product or services. These people will make sure that the quality of product or services they offer to the final consumer will be satisfied with this. In relation for the BOP that this chapter discussed, here is the explanation. According to this chapter, “The BOP, as a market, will challenge the dominant logic” so this means that BOP is a feature in a market that will help the product or services  offered by the company or any other business firm will give more improvement for that. Another one is that the BOP will give reputation for these products and services.


For BOP, it is stated here that advanced technology solutions, must coexist. We are talking here the side of BOP. Basically, in a BOP, the technology must be present or coexist because for instance, the networks are considered to be part of Markets are conversation because people can converse digitally. We are now in the 21st century and the thing is that we must maximize the use of technology. For BOP, yes of course the foundation of the pyramid is for the market. It’s just a representation on how markets work on BOP.




Good to know that the author of this book and particular chapter aims to discuss all about the twelve principles of Innovation for Bottom of the Pyramid Markets: These are the ff:


1.     Price Performance

2.     Innovation: Hybrids

3.     Scale of Operations

4.     Sustainable Development: Eco-Friendly

5.     Identifying Functionality

6.     Process Innovation

7.     Deskilling of work

8.     Education of Customers

9.     Designing for Hostile Infrastructure

10.  Interfaces

11.  Distribution: Accessing the Customer

12.  BOP Markets essentially allows us to challenge the conventional wisdom in delivery of Product


Basically, these principles are involved in the innovation and this kind of innovation is part of BOP. Identifying, evaluating, scoring of products or services offered by the company is very much effective determining the state of the product or services as well as promoting that.


What I’ve learned:


I learned that there are twelve principles of innovation to make the products and services of the company succeed. Knowing these principles will help the company or anyone else improve their respective offering for their consumers. This innovation must be evaluated first exactly know how can affect people’s lives. I experienced how to score a scorecard regarding the BOP and while doing it, it was very interesting because while thinking or evaluating for a particular principle, my mind flows for that principle if it is applicable or not.


As a conclusion: Getting the right combination of scale, technology, price, sustainability, and usability are towards the concept of innovation for BOP Markets. Thanks to BOP because company will now have a basis on how to improve their products or services. Determining the status again of a product or services is a great factor to be able for the company to improve their performance in the eyes of the people.

Integrative Questions:


  1. What are the twelve principles of innovation for Bottom for the Pyramid?
  2. What are the effects of these twelve in identifying the factors being served by the company or anyone else?
  3. Is it really important to score the product or services offered by the company to the consumers?
  4. Is it really easy to implement?
  5. How does it innovative in our world today?

Book Review: Chapter 3: BOP: Global Opportunity


Book: The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid


Author: C.K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart


Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:



Learning Expectations:


  • I expect to have an idea of Bottom of the Pyramid for Global Opportunity
  • What is the Global Opportunity in BOP?
  • Can these opportunities effective to markets?



The quality, efficacy, potency, and usability solutions developed for the BOP Markets are very attractive for the top of the pyramid”


These are the factors why we call them a BOP. The power of the concept of BOP is still authentic and I can say that these factors will help improve the name of BOP for entrepreneurs. Since we are talking here about Global Opportunity, the number one actors in this chapter are an entrepreneur who aims to make a difference for the world.


Let’s describe first what is an opportunity? Basically it is a chance of people or group to attain advantageous goals. An when we commit or attain goals, it is our pride that we commit it and we are proud of something because we did something different for others. In relation to global community, it’s also the same, each one of us can attain goals. If anyone can attain for it, of course, each one of us has the chance to meet our goals in life and that is called opportunity. In this chapter, we can say that opportunity is very much useful to meet our goals in life. In relating to market, we believe that the market has a potential to attain opportunities and goals. In determining strength and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we can determine how to achieve a particular goal. Identify it and trust your evaluation, you can now find your answer if you have a right opportunity for that. Especially, in applying this theory to market, it is very much effective because knowing this will lead to goals.


How do we engage BOP? It is stated here that there are two ways to engage the power of BOP into markets, first, the traditional approach. Traditional, it is an old style of doing things But even if it is traditional, it is the most authentic and basic way of attaining the goals considering that the market. For the BOP, the top of the pyramid is considered as the comfort zone. All business are aiming for that position.


What I’ve learned:

As stated here on this chapter (p.57), BOP Markets are a great source for experimentation in sustainable development. I agree with this statement because BOP is just a theory that is considered to be true. All part of the BOP market are considered to be scarce. This means that the natural resources here on earth are only limited, therefore, today, many companies are looking for innovation to produce or create product or services that is not harmful to mother earth as well as for the people.


The sustainability in a market is a great factor for the company who offer product and services for their consumers, therefore, these companies must motivate to give the best they can offer for the consumers. Targeting poor people is a factor in BOP that aims for the global attainment. All of these must be sustainable for a company. Since innovation is the answer for BOP, the potential companies who can sustain the authentic development must go for it. This is a change for the image of the company as well as reputation of the name itself.

The flow of ideas, knowledge, and innovation will become a two-way street from the developed countries to the developing countries as well. Because of this statement, we can say that those countries that had lack opportunity can make it through by helping other developed countries. Private sector as stated here has a desire to leverage resources and gain market coverage and will invent more new systems to accommodate the people they are serving with. A positive situation for both large companies and BOP Consumers.

Integrative Questions:


  1. How to engage BOP to Global Opportunity?
  2. What are the benefits of operating BOP?
  3. Is it true that BOP can be a source of innovation?
  4. How does BOP grow in market?
  5. How does BOP develop solutions for market?

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Book Review: Chapter 4: The Ecosystem of Wealth Creation


Book: The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid


Author: C.K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart


Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:


Learning Expectations:


  • I expect to learn the connection of ecosystem to BOP
  • What is the role of Ecosystem to wealth creation?
  • How is this effective to BOP?
  • I want to learn the Market-Oriented Ecosystem. What is it?
  • I want to learn the building Governance capabilities among the poor.
  • The private-sector in ecosystem
  • How does this transform the basis for commercial transactions within a developing economy?




“The social capital or individual entrepreneurs has a focus on both business and social developmental initiatives at the BOP”

This is considered as one aspect of ecosystem. I believe that entrepreneurs are part of the ecosystem what aims for social developmental initiatives for BOP. These entrepreneurs who aims for social and developmental initiatives has a heart to help unfortunate people who are in need. A business system is at the heart of ecosystem for wealth creation. I believe this because business system aims for what is good for the people.




First, let us define the meaning of ecosystem. When people heard that word, the first thing comes up to our mind are living organisms living here on earth. Organisms are part of our environment. Therefore, we can say that ecosystem is an environment where people are living. Naturally, when God created this world, ecosystem already exists. People are now relating themselves to meet another organism. That’s make a better ecosystem. The explanation is in natural world. But how about in Business world? Is this concept available?


It is stated here that there have been a few attempts to focus on symbiotic nature of the relationships between various private sector and social institutional players that can lead to rapid development of markets at BOP. With this support statement, the concepts of ecosystem in business world are now related knowing the fact that it is for rapid development. In relation to rapid development, let us discuss about the market-oriented ecosystem since these are related to each other. Basically, Market-oriented ecosystem is a framework that allows private sector and social actors, act together and create wealth in a symbiotic relationship. This definition is somewhat similar to ecosystem but putting it on the business side. Knowing the fact that ecosystems are very depended on each other, it is very feasible to create a market-based ecosystem simply because people are connected. Also, we consider as market are conversation, we can now find a reason why markets are ecosystem. But the big problem of market-oriented ecosystem is that if one sector for special can’t pick up, how can they move on with the whole system? That’s the big dilemma for the ecosystem.




For the developing countries, they are the target of BOP Market because they are still developing and improving their respective economic state. One example here is the Philippines, it is considered as a developing country and considering this state, Philippines need a help for those who are in developed country. For the developed countries to help developing countries, they need a competitive condition such as the availability of new technologies, the nature of resources, and the educational infrastructure. These are the basic factors needed to help under developed countries. The private sectors are the fast-moving of consumer goods who has capabilities to help developing countries. They have good relation to the government as well as in other company.


What I’ve learned:


The history tells us the result of evolution made by humans. It is stated here that the large firm was a big symptom of a maturing economy focused on system efficiencies through scale and scope. This means that large firms are advantage for those who are in developing countries because these large firms can are feasible enough to give help. But the problem is that these large firms are focused on system efficiencies. They think the most efficient way to help other ecosystems.


The goal in development is to bring as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of an inclusive market. In short, the BOP goal for ecosystem is the development or the BOP gives something to for those people who are in need so that they can meet the enjoyment even if they are not in the good state to enjoy happiness. But even if it is not that good, the goal is to meet happiness whatever it takes. This chapter tells us that the Market-based ecosystem must provide us to build basic infrastructure stated above this review most especially education. It allows large firms to build and profit growth markets which are advantageous for these companies. 

Integrative Questions:

  1. What is Market-Oriented Ecosystem?
  2. What are the ecosystems for developing country?
  3. What’s the role of History in evolution of the large firms?
  4. Can Market-based ecosystem provide us an approach to build basic infrastructures?
  5. BOP consumers can benefit in local entrepreneurship?

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Book Review: Chapter 5: Reducing Corruption: Transaction Governance Capacity


Book: The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid


Author: C.K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart


Library Reference: N/A

Amazon Reference:



Learning Expectations:

  • Expect to learn the effects of corruption in terms of BOP Concept
  • Difference of corruption and local practice.
  • Identifying the question “Are the Poor, poor?”
  • The center for Good Governance



“Most developing countries do not fully recognize the real costs of corruption and its impact on private-sector development and poverty alleviation”


The quote I chose is pertaining to the developing countries. This is stating that the developing countries do not recognize the real costs of corruption in their respective country. I agree with this statement because no one knows who did this, who did that, clueless when they are talking about corruption. Even the highest position in an organization or in a country don’t provide answers for that because they want to be safe in malicious issues about them or so called “Playing Safe” They don’t know the effect of corruption into the private-sector.



Corruption is the number one problem in a particular country especially for those states that are still developing countries. Countries consider this as a number one problem and they need to fight this for change. For example, the Philippines is ranked as the most corrupt countries in Southeast Asia and considering that we are the only Christian nation in Southeast Asia. It is hard to accept the reality that Filipinos are considered to be one of the most corrupt countries around the globe. But the thing is we are very afraid to fight this kind of attitude knowing that we are leading in the most corrupt country. Those people who are really involved in the corruption are avoiding the issues for them. The tendency is that many people will be involved in corruption and this will continue until they change the leader.

First, we must understand the difference between corruption and local practice. In explaining this in layman’s term, local practice is only for local, within the community and only limited, unlike corruption, it is national. People can obviously know that corruption issue as fast as they could because people are concern for that thing. Transaction governance capacity is about making the entire process as transparent as possible and consistently enforced. This only means that corruption is transparent to people. As stated before, because corruption is transparent, people will know that issue immediately. To fight against corruption and to avoid this act, it is stated here that we must reduce the frictional losses in doing business at the BOP. Doing business in BOP is considered to be an easy job, but when implementing BOP to product or services, it would be a different story.

What I’ve learned:



The primary statement of this particular chapter is to overt corruption in a business operation. I agree that corruption should be totally “killed” or avoid it as much as possible. Basing it to ethical values of the Filipinos, we have a power to avoid this particular act but the problem is we don’t have enough capabilities to overcome this challenge. I believe in the abilities of the Filipinos furthermore, we are world class people. The problem is that we don’t have an authentic solidarity. Just like Ben Quinones, the speaker from Corporate Social Responsibility for entrepreneurs, he is a very good example of an authentic entrepreneur because he combines the concept of corporate social responsibility, Bottom of the Pyramid Markets, authentic solidarity and other concepts or theory related to markets that will help people go further and surpass the state of poverty. I believe in him because he shows the characteristics of an authentic Christian. If Filipinos are like Mr. Ben Quinones, the future of the Philippines will have a good hope for the next generation of Filipinos.





Integrative Questions:

  1. Difference of corruption and local practice.
  2. What are the assumptions for poverty reduction, and developmental assistance?
  3. What is TGC?
  4. Is it difficult to implement TGC?
  5. The effect of corruption to BOP?

Citations: N/A

Book Review: Chapter 6: Development as Social Transformation

Book: The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid

Author: C.K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart

Library Reference: N/A

Amazon Reference:


Learning Expectations:

  • Development in BOP
  • What is Social Transformation?
  • The role of BOP in Social Transformation



“The poor can be a market, Serve the market is to innovate, Demands a range of innovations in products and services, business models, and management innovations, Making the government accountable to the citizens and making it accessible and transparent.”


These are the foundations of development as social transformation. These are the lists of foundation are gateway to success especially in BOP Markets. If companies or government follow these foundational concepts, there will be an authentic change for the society and for the world as a whole. BOP leads to innovation and that innovation will lead to world to success. For a result, people will now motivated to work and giving them a chance of hope.


When a poor at the BOP are treated as consumers, they can reap the benefits of respect, choice and self-esteem and have an opportunity to climb out of the poverty state. Just like the previous chapter, it discusses about ecology as a wealth of creation. In this particular chapter, we can see that it is also applicable. We see that this chapter discussed all about development as social transformation and in part of this title, there is a “social” which we can relate it to ecology and also we can include this in the BOP market aspect. For the word social, it means that we are still connected to each other knowing the fact that we are united as one and that’s the role of ecology. On the other hand, the word “transformation” is a word of change. This means that we develop as an individual and as a social community. Since we are talking here about social transformation, through BOP Market, people will have an opportunity to literally climb out of the poverty trap. Meaning that all of us had a potential an opportunity to raise ourselves and prove that we can do it. When the time we done it, it is called an authentic social transformation. Again, we developed with our own perception and once we did it, we are considered to be part of a transformation.


As stated above, the quote means that these are the foundations or guide for a development as social transformation. Each people should learn these foundational aspects so that people will know how to transform or change themselves. Even that individual is just a starter, more and more determination will acquire by him or her. The question is how will these changes impact life at the BOP? The answer is stated here. “As a BOP Consumers get an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the choices of products and services made available through market mechanism.” With this answer, as a consumer of



BOP Markets, it will now be understand that it is easy to acquire these knowledge in BOP provided and knowing these foundations.



What I’ve learned:

Converting the poor into a market will require innovation. I agree with this because if people don’t think or move, how can their lives transform. I mean, what’s the use of their lives if they don’t move. Bottom of the Pyramid concept is given. People analyzed and study all about it to process an innovation for all humans. This is for all people who seek change specifically in market. All we have to do is to move and do something to implement it in our lives. We cannot call ourselves an authentic social transformation because we did not implement it yet therefore, since we aim for an innovation, we must gain knowledge for the BOP. Modern Technology, Good product and services are given; this will enable them to take a huge step in improving their quality of life.


For a final remark in Bottom of the Pyramid, while doing this book review, I realized that for our country, it is hard to implement this concept because we need more knowledge about this. Even if innovations for us already existed, the basic concepts must be inherited for the people so that they will know the true value of this study. We have enough ethical values because, first, we are Christian people and we are aiming for good values for our country. We also have a big opportunity to think what is good for us and other. Given all of these, we can do this together; the only problem is the solidarity which some Filipino’s don’t have.


For me, I love the study of the Bottom of the Pyramid. It is the good and best way to analyze the status of a particular company for their products and services. Thanks to this BOP because I learned a lot in expounding my knowledge as an IT Student and Business student.



Integrative Questions:


  1. How will these changes impact life at the BOP?
  2. What is the Real Test?
  3. What does BOP Consumer gains?
  4. What are the foundations of social transformation?
  5. What is BOP Consumer Upgrade?

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Book Review: Chapter 1: Foundations of Information Ethics

Book: The-handbook-of-information-and-computer-ethic




Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:




We call our society the information societybecause of the pivotal role played by

Intellectual, information-intensive services intangible assets


The people are also called information because each one of us can give information. We are so called “information society”. Even animals belong to this society because they also consist of information that can affect the life of human.


Learning Expectations:



·         The basic foundation of ethics in society.

·         How does information flows in information ethics?

·         To know and to be familiar in the word “Infosphere”



Why is it that our society called “the information society”? Basically, we are entitled to be the information in the society. Why? It’s because each one of us can give information. When the earth is created by our God Almighty, all of what He created is very powerful knowing the fact that each one of those is included with information. Since the information is all provided, all we have to do is to discover it. For instance, God created the nature. All facts about it already exist like, the W’s and H questions on a particular thing. The humans make a discovery all out of it. And what’s the output? All of these discoveries will lead other people knowing the information. The information now is just passed away into the society and many people will know it. For those who want to be into discovering, they must know it. This introduction is very useful because it is the foundation of everything all about information. The technology we have right now is because of information. The information is also conversation because we can get information through it. Every one of us has a power if we have information the money include. But on the physical side, its information make the world go around. One of the reason and fact is that we are on the “knowledge-based economy” era wherein information turns into knowledge. 


The so called “techne” is a full expression defined by the society which gives us ethical problems. This means that ethical problems are the problems we are up to. It is very much complex to understand if you we will include this on the global dimensional problem. The world is now focusing to these cycles namely data, information and knowledge. It’s quite amazing that these three can rule the world.  They included the so called “Infosphere”. It is a new word for us but it is basically the information that rules our lives into modern technology. “Infos” means the gathered data on a particular topic and the “Sphere” is what surrounds us. It is just like a nature with technology included.



What I’ve learned:


I learned the function and structure of “infosphere”. To be honest, it’s the first time I heard about infosphere. It is a new word for us and we don’t actually know the meaning of it. Now, because it is related to information, infosphere is widespread information across the globe. All those who are in I.T should also know this for further knowledge in Information technology field.


I also learned that humans have a greatest responsibility as a main element on ethical issues. We are acting like an agent toward the infosphere. The human as the main entity must be informed about information ethics so that the ethics will be addressed to other people who are involved in information ethics. Other people can also apply these values to other people. Overall, it’s all for us, anybody can use it.


The foundations of ethics in general are very much useful in many ways. We are humans who control a the world must have knowledge to have ideas on the foundation of ethics. Thanks to the foundation of ethics because it gives basis to other people who are working in I.T field and other fields.





Integrative Questions:


  1. What is infosphere?
  2. What are the structures of it?
  3. What is the function of this particular chapter / discussion?
  4. Does this study is very useful?
  5. What is the impact of I.T course on the foundation of information ethics?

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Book Review: Chapter 2: Milestones in the History of Information and Computer Ethics


Book: The-handbook-of-information-and-computer-ethic




Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:




“Cybernetics takes the view that the structure of the machine or of the organism is an index

of the performance that may be expected from it.”


Learning Expectations

  • I expect to learn what are the milestones in information and computer ethics?
  • The history of the people in creating modern technology.
  • How did Weiner contribute his works to the world?




This chapter is the collection of the history of information and computer ethics. It is stated here all information regarding computer ethics. The Second World War is the starting point of the history. It is all where information and computer ethics starts. Also in Second World War, number one advancement created by humans is the internet which connects one network to another. It is good to say that because of world war, people are really passionate in doing new things that can really help in the world war. They use this as a tool to fight against the enemy. As they create these tools, people can now acquire knowledge for technology. The outputs are all information. One story at that time was a philosopher and scientist, Norbert Wiener who are involved in digital computers. Because he is involved here, lots of ideas come into his mind specifically the idea of defense using technology. All of these are called “enormous potential for good and evil.” Because of this idea, he thinks now that the new information technology could change the world in a literal way. He also based the industrial revolution because of this revolution, people cannot collect ideas to have an advancements particularly advancement in technology. It is hard to predict the “second industrial revolution” as an “automatic age”. In this particular age, all are high tech. At this age, we come to a point that all are technical. It is hard to foresee this but it is a good prediction for us provided that these technology will don’t give us harmful reasons. Thanks to the people who are involved in the industrial revolution and Second World War age.


 Wiener really has great contribution for the change of the world. He even wrote a book so called “cybernetics”. With this book, the ethical impacts sides are included so that people would know the right and wrong about this. He laid the foundation of information ethics and computer ethics as an eccentric study of that time. They would not know the future, even he don’t know it. As the time goes by, the social and cultural impacts of social computing are developed. As of today, we are considering Wiener study as a good milestone of the coming era.







About the book, it is basically the foundation of information ethics which involves human and technology. Weiner base his study on this way by evaluating the human perspective on health, happiness, security, freedom, knowledge, opportunities and ability of a particular person. He based his idea on this so that it is the side of human and to be based on ethical and moral values, naturally. The “cybernetic view of human nature and society” was really a big help giving foundational ideas on ethics for the “purpose of a human life”. In referring to life as a conclusion is that a purpose of a human life is to “flourish as the kind of information-processing organisms that human in a natural way”. This means that Weiner are really basing to a natural point of view.




What I’ve learned:

I learn the basic function of cybernetics for the foundational historical information and computer ethics. I learn that in natural way, the idea will just come out as the human thinks. All of us are aiming for a good life. Because we have a freedom to overcome a good life, we need to stick up ideas on how to be creative in our lives including the ethical values we must have. We are now dealing in technology these days. Because of Weiner’s idea, we can level up our lives through the technology we have today as well as the life we have today. We must be happy in all aspect because we can achieve for a good life. Through the foundational ideas stated here, we must do the best we can to live our lives to the fullest.


Integrative Questions:


1.       What is cybernetics?

2.       What is the basic function of cybernetics?

3.       Does it give function that we are really up to?

4.       How did Weiner come up to this idea?

5.       What was the reason why technological advancement are created today?

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Book Review: Chapter 3: Moral Methodology and Information Technology


Book: The-handbook-of-information-and-computer-ethic


Author: Jeroen van den Hoven


Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:




“It studies the moral questions that are associated with the development, application, and use of computers and computer science.”


Learning Expectations

  • To have brief background in the methodology they made.
  • What are the needs in I.T Field?
  • How computer exemplifies?




This chapter talks about cyber ethics with a computer concept. In short, this is called the computer ethics. From the moral questions mixed up with computer related topic through development, and application. Professionals and other people who are involved in computer technology have many questions on what is right and what is wrong on particular ethical issues or ethical questions. It is hard to identify which is which and specifically it is hard if there are no references justifying the ethical or moral values. If you are an I.T person, it is hard to identify your point of view. Even you cannot identify it. Justifying answers is hard to formulate because you must know also the basis of a particular topic is.


In the field of IT, it is everywhere. Information technology department is a must for a company today in order to survive simply because we are in the 21st century and companies must be innovative as much as possible. What if a problem occurs regarding the ethical values? What would be the basis of this particular problem? Well, it is all indicated here. As we review this chapter, we will learn how moral methodology and information technology works.


According to the methodology of information technology, they described that there are surely specific properties of computers need to be accommodated in our moral thinking about it. At the end we are the one who will take advantage of the computers specifically in information technology. They describe this as the following. It is Ubiquitous and pervasive and comes to be a universal technology because of its logical and malleability. The computer can also simulate, communicate, recreate, and calculate and so on. These are the features of computers that can be use by people. It’s unimaginable because in the past centuries, they only predicted all of these. And here we are in the 21st century, we are dealing with them with an ethical values involved. Another description of computers is that it is a universal technology because of its unique feature, logical malleability. It is constitutive technology which serves as an essential part of our lives.


There are many methodologies in the information technology. More and more methodologies will be discovering at the later part. The question is when, why, what?








What I’ve learned:



I learned how the people managed to got an idea in discovering methodologies in information technology. These ideas were very powerful because this gives an information to information technology methodology. The people keep making concepts to have a better conceptualization output in the future so that they can discover more about technology. In line of these technologies, people also learn how to manage the moral methodology. Combining this two is a better conceptualization that is good for our day to day living.


It is indicated here that methodological positions in applied ethics relevant for computer ethics. The natural aspect and technological aspect of ethics are combined which gives an interaction to the user. Second indication is that the sketch of proposed conception of method of ethics of technology. This will really give help for those who are into ethics of technology. Since ethics are all there, lot of information are discovered. I must appreciate this discovery as an I.T Student.




Integrative Questions:


  1. How do they describe the methodology of information technology?
  2. How did they apply the ethical values here?
  3. How is it useful in society?
  4. Does it change because of information technology?
  5. Can we create more methodology in I.T?

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Book Review: Chapter 4: Value Sensitive Design and Information Systems


Book: The-handbook-of-information-and-computer-ethic


Author: Batya Friedman, Peter H. Kahn Jr., and Alan Borning


Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:




“Value Sensitive Design is a theoretically grounded approach to the design of technology that accounts for human values in a principled and comprehensive manner throughout the design process.”



Learning Expectations


  • To learn what is value in Value Sensitive design.
  • Idea on human values that is principled.
  • Approaches in value system design.




Value system design on this discussion is made specifically for technology for human values. It is stated here that it employs an integrative and iterative methodology. It simply means that in every value that they made are very much important with an integrative and iterative point of view. Integrative means to put concepts together and iterative means in an incremental form. When we combine these two concepts, it results to a mixture concepts and may result to a value sensitive design.


During the early period of computerization, Wiener again, (stated in the previous chapter) a scientist and cyberneticist stated on his book that technology could help make us better human beings and create more just society. But most of all, because of the features that technology given to us, we must take control of what we created. Maybe in future, or a prediction, technology will rule over than human being. In his perspective, we must reject worshipping our created new technological advancement here on earth. The human value system design has emerged as stated on this chapter. These are in computer ethics, social information, Computer-supported cooperative work, and participatory design. These functions can really affect the lives of humans. These functions are very sensitive to us specifically in ethics. It can change our morality because we are following this value. It is explained here that in computer ethics particularly, it advances our way of thinking that intersect in computer technology and human lives. With these values, it can really affect the live of the people. Another thing is that in other values, these are all the same.


In technical investigation part of value sensitive design, it follows the suitable from properties of technology. The primary role is to give suit abilities that follow from properties of technology. It should be certain in all possible activities. 

What I’ve learned:


I learned the value system design is very much helpful in designing a particular principle. For example, the value of privacy. Privacy means it is a time which people choose in a private place. Knowing the fact that privacy is for an individual who need time to reflect. Privacy is an important part of a people lives because this is the time where we have to reflect or do the things we need to do independently. This is a good example of value sensitive design applying information systems. We need to apply and know this kind of principle so that other people would respect us to have also privacy for everything.


The suggestions are very much helpful in creating value sensitive design. Implementing it is slightly difficult but if you understand the concepts, it would be easier. These are the ff.


  1. Start with a value, Technology, or context of use.
  2. Identify direct and indirect stakeholders
  3. Identify Benefits and Harms for Each Stakeholder Group
  4. Conduct a Conceptual Investigation of Key Values
  5. Identify Potential Value Conflicts
  6. Integrate Value Considerations into Ones Organizational Structure


These are very useful and effective in integrating value sensitive design.




Integrative Questions:

  1. Why does it called value sensitive design?
  2. Can privacy still a private?
  3. Who are involved in these values?
  4. How to create a formal value sensitive design?
  5. Can value design implement each one of those?

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Book Review: Chapter 5: Personality-Based, Rule-Utilitarian, and Lockean Justifications of Intellectual Property


Book: The-handbook-of-information-and-computer-ethic




Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:




“Intellectual property is generally characterized as nonphysical property that is the product of cognitive processes and whose value is based upon some idea or collection”


Learning Expectations


  • To learn basically the intellectual property
  • To learn the purpose of this aspect in computer ethics,
  • Why do we need to adopt intellectual property?




The first part of this chapter discusses about what is intellectual property. It is explained at introduced here that intellectual property are all based on individual personality. Since each one of us has a individual personality, we assume that we have also intellectual property as well. We must be knowledgeable to develop ourselves. Innovating ourselves is one way of changing our lives. It is explained here that we must fight our strength and weaknesses. We have strength, then maintain it and make you good as possible. On the other hand, weakness is your fear as an individual, therefore fight your fears. This is to justify yourself to be intellectual person.


Its non-physical, which means, it is all based on ideas, on mental reasoning. The people must collaborate with all ideas we have. One must share ideas to others and ideas must be in a collaborative way of distributing it. It surrounds the control of physical appearance of the knowledge of the people. Each expression could be different but there is only one intellectual or rational idea.


This chapter is focusing on three aspects. These are the personality-based, rule-utilitarian and Lockean Justifications. The first one is the personality-based where an individual is just focusing on his/her personality. He/she has own ideas on a particular perspective. Only him/her can understand it and no one can interfere his/her ideas. Once it is shared to other person, there is surely a conflict between ideas. The intellectual property has now conflict. We can’t fight against it because, as explained, each one of us has an intellectual property. The analogy is that you can’t dive to the intellectual property of others because it is private and only he/she can only understand it. That’s for personality-based. The next one is the rule utilitarian. This is where utilitarian of intellectual properties used. Once the idea is passed to another person, then the person who will be receiving it is considered to be a utilitarian. He/she just use the intellectual idea of a particular person for the benefit for him / her. That’s absurd! Because making use of an individual’s idea is considered to be a utilitarian. It can give both positive and negative effects for the people. It will now depend on us if we use the utilitarian point of view. The last one is Lockean Justification where the justifications of human are more sensitive. Because it is where the human correct or justify his/her humanity in terms of his/her ideas in life.





What I’ve learned:


I learned how to utilize my intellectual ideas in such way that applying these aspects in my life. To be honest, it is complicated. In determining your own personality, you must be knowledgeable about yourself first. Knowing yourself is one of the most important things in life. Therefore the ideas you are thinking are also important and also part of your intellectual property. The rule-utilitarian can give us positive and negative effects because your ideas or intellectual property can be beneficial to others. The justification is also important because the dignity of one person is relying to it.



Integrative Questions:


  1. What is personality based?
  2. What is rule-utilitarian?
  3. What is justification?
  4. What are the purposes of these aspects to an individual?
  5. How can we use this correctly?



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Book Review: Chapter 6: Informational Privacy: Concepts, Theories and Controversies


Book: The-handbook-of-information-and-computer-ethic




Library Reference: N/A


Amazon Reference:





“It would seem that privacy is not simply a static concept, but instead has a dynamic component.


Learning Expectations

  • The basic concept of privacy
  • I expect the usefulness of privacy to an individual
  • Privacy as a whole.





This chapter discusses all about informational privacy. To start with, let us define the concept of privacy. It is usually a separate side where a state of being is apart from other people. Only those people within the privacy boundary will just exchange ideas and more information regarding a particular topic. Unlike public, it is publicly announced to the people who they are addressing to. When we say privacy, it is very sensitive because no one among those states being will pass the information they conversed. That means, that topic is very sensitive and powerful. Those private people don’t want to be shared to other people. That’s the basic analogy, example, and concept of privacy.


As the chapter goes, it is explained that the privacy is not simply a static concept, but instead, it has dynamic component. This only means that privacy cannot be changed at all. What is trying to say with this concept is that it should not be in a fixed position. This privacy must also be a dynamic aspect so that people within an organization knows what is happening in that particular issue. Well, of course, the privacy only needs the people who are in the authority to make assumptions. That’s the concept of privacy on our physical lives. What about informational privacy?


It’s discussed here those theories like “reductionist” and “ownership-based” accounts are part of informational privacy. Let’s define first the reductionist concept. Basically it aims for simplification of a particular thing. Privacy visualized here as the utility that will help that are very useful to us. It can also preserve human dignity as well. It is a very useful utility for us because if privacy applied, there are no problems to you as a person. People cannot argue with you because they don’t know what the topics are for you. The restricted access theory is quite different.  The “zones” of privacy should be in a limited form.  It should


What I’ve learned:


·         I learned the basic concept of privacy

·         Privacy should not be a static aspect

·         I learned how people use privacy in a correct way. We must use it in a correct way.

·         Rights conception of privacy.

·         Four distinct kinds of privacy.


Integrative Questions:


  1. What is privacy in a corporate setting?
  2. How can privacy help us in doing things right or wrong?
  3. Does privacy affects the morality of an individual?
  4. What are the four distinct kinds of privacy?
  5. What are the theories of informational privacy?

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